How to replace your broken oven element

How to replace your broken oven element

The oven element in your electrical area may burn out at any time. Unfortunately, it always seems to happen in the most unbearable times, such as the week before Christmas or thanksgiving.

Most elements provide warnings before they burn out. They will often have a bright spot that will be labeled by the homeowner, just before burnout. If your item has a bright spot, replace it as soon as possible. Waiting for the item to burn out is unusable because the oven thermostat or other electrical components may be affected.

In all aspects of this job, safety must come first. Use only original parts from the manufacturer, not a cheaper replacement. Just try to fix when you have enough time and patience to do it properly. Keep in mind that you will handle 240 volts - its twice as much current flowing through your usual household circuits. Just try to repair with another adult present.

If you are sure that you can replace the oven element, press the following method:

Disconnect power from either power switch or switch off. Drag the distance from the wall so that all sides can be reached.

Remove the back panel of the range to expose the element wires. Identify which item you suspect to be burned out.

Carefully remove the wiring of the element. They usually screw on connections. Avoid disconnecting or removing the screw head with your screwdriver.

Go to the front of the range. Locate the screws that hold the element in the oven cavity. This may require a flashlight because they usually fall into debris. Take care not to damage the head of the head. The screws can be very dense and require patience to remove without damaging. If the screws do not twist, they must be drilled with a high speed drill. If this becomes necessary, be careful not to flush the oven interior.

Remove the oven element. If its broken, avoid touching the pieces with your bare hands. The parts can be very sharp. In addition, the white powder coating contains harmful chemicals.

Continue to a department store to get a replacement. Make sure you have your brand, model and serial number. Manufacturers use a variety of elements. Each model, type, configuration and wattage requirements determine which item was installed within your range.

Fit the new element and attach it with the screws. If the holes in the mounting plate do not align, you must drill holes in the cabinets interior. Carefully drill holes in the cabinet with a high speed drill. Be careful not to allow drilling to avoid damaging or crushing the interior.

From the back of the series, the wiring of the item is reconnected. Do not bend the electrical connections or let the screws remove the wires. If the wire is burning, insulation must be cut to expose undamaged wire. Cut the insulation back using a knife or wire stripping tool.

Once the new item is installed, reconnect the range to power. Start the oven and let it run for five minutes. Unplug the mains and quickly feel the insulation of the wire connections. They will feel a bit hot, but not hot. A hot connection indicates a bad connection or any malfunction of other components belonging to the oven. If its hot, its necessary to remove it and redo it. When you are satisfied with the connections, return the back panel and return to the counter.

Test the oven function. All elements should go on and off as normal.

Final step is to run a test run of the ovens temperature. If you have an oven thermometer, the oven can interrupt three or four times at a normal baking temperature. The thermometer should indicate the same temperature as the oven steering wheel is set. As confirmation, bake something like muffins or cookies as a test substance.

As previously shown, it is not difficult to replace a burned element. But it is certainly one that should only be tried by someone who is convinced of electricity. If you are unsure of your high voltage ability, call a repair staff for assistance.

A repairer of the device may have your item replaced, tested and operated in less than an hour. Less time than it takes you to find the part. In addition, they will have all the tools and testers needed to work quickly and safely.

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